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My goal with the horse is not to beat someone; IT’S TO WIN WITHIN MYSELF. To do the best job I can do and then tomorrow to try to do better. You’ll be working on yourself to accomplish this. Not your horse

  - Ray hunt

Tami travels throughout the United States teaching clinics and private lessons.  For information about hosting a clinic please contact Tami.  To register for a clinic please contact the clinic host.  Clinic dates are listed below.

Foundations in Horsemanship

Maybe you're a new rider. Or maybe you've been riding forever. 

Whatever your skill level, these classes are designed to change the way you think about horsemanship forever. Instead of focusing on what the horse isn't doing right, we focus on what WE'RE not doing right. We shine a light on the relationship that is necessary for a strong partnership, a long-term relationship, and a horse that will choose to do anything for you.

Class 1: Foundation Horsemanship

This is a great class for those that would like to improve their groundwork and work on their partnership and leadership skills with their horse.  This class helps build a foundation for the green horse and rider as well as older or troubled horses needing improvement.  We work on getting to the horses mind and getting them with you by moving their feet.  Disengaging the hind quarters, bringing the front through, accepting flags, tarps, slickers, ropes.  All work is transferable to under saddle.

Open to all disciplines and all levels of horse and rider. 

The horse does not have to be started under saddle to attend this class.

Class 2: Horsemanship 101

This class focuses on continued foundation for the horse and rider, with emphasis on under saddle work.  We work on keeping the horse with us from his back by getting to their feet.  Disengaging the hind quarters, bringing the front through and a soft feel are all an integral parts of developing leadership and partnership with your horse. 

Open in all disciplines and all levels of horse and rider.

Horsemanship & Heart

A Groundwork Clinic For All Levels

Get grounded in your leadership and find more freedom and power in ALL of your relationships!

This clinic will focus on groundwork skills with horses and will emphasize how to strengthen your human leadership to develop stronger trust and more satisfying relationships with horses--and people. These skills are transferable to your time in the saddle AND you will bring your newfound leadership presence and communication skills into all of your human relationships too.


The clinic will be led by horse trainer Tami Beach and leadership coaches Beth Killough and Susan McCusker to provide a unique mix of horsemanship and personal development.

All experience levels are welcome.

Limited to 15 people. Horses provided by clinic instructors.


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