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About Tami Thompson
Owner, Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor

Tami travels throughout the United States teaching clinics and private lessons.

Tami Thompson Riding Illustre

Tami Thomson and her PRE stallion, Ilustre.

Photo courtesy of Ashton Kingsley

With over 20 years of experience in horse training and breeding, Tami is the heart of Firefly Farms. Tami started riding at the age of 4, and joined Pony Club at age 7.

Now a USDF silver medalist and FEI rider, Tami has ridden with many renowned trainers across a variety of different disciplines. Specializing in dressage, cowboy dressage, and foundational horsemanship, Tami uses positive instruction to help riders of all levels. 

Tami takes pride in helping riders of all ages and abilities improve their leadership skills in and out of the saddle to build strong connections with horses and people.

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